Monday, April 4, 2011

A good and bad example of a camera in video games

A good example of a camera view in video games would have to be the 3rd person view, being able to see the entire character (or avatar). Obviously there can be exceptions in games were it doesnt work well, for an example, on the more 'on-rails' game types, were the camera automatically moves to a certain angle, it can often hinder the player, often removing the freedom. It also becomes a problem when you are in a heated battle, and you can't see what your doing because the camera has a mind of its own. My favourite view is the 3rd person, as long as you have full control over it. Being able to use buttons to change the angle to how you see fit.

The camera angle that we are going to inplement in our game is a sorta top down, birds eye view, but on a slight angle (so it looks more three dimensional) the game is a real time strategy (rts) so this camera angle is the best for seeing more of the map, being able to see a big variety of units, etc.